Study Break Ideas for Finals Season

By Serena Lin ‘25

With finals season in full swing, here are some of my favorite, easy ways to practice self-care during your next study break.

  1. Savor Stillness

hand holding sketch journal with tree in backgroundThere are many quiet spots on campus where you can sit and just enjoy a few moments of silence and be present.

One of my favorites is taking a tiny sketchbook and drawing in the Skyspace.

You can also try mindfulness exercises such as the five senses meditation, or simply walk around and spend three minutes looking for a specific color (i.e., sit by a fountain and count the number of blue things you see).

2. Work in community

Sometimes, it helps to know you’re not alone in the process. The CSWIM (Center for Speaking, Writing, and the Image) hosted a long night against procrastination (structured break activities + work time), but you can also plan study sessions with friends. Some of my favorite

Serena with brown newfoundland dog
Meeting Callie the newfoundland at Dogs on the Quad

spots to work alongside others are the 2nd floor of Estella, Smith Campus Center, and the solarium in Honnold Mudd Library.

3. Watch the Dogs!

One of the many perks of being a Claremont Colleges student is that there are lots of local people who walk their dogs on campus (especially around Marston Quad!) You can also visit finals week events such as Dogs on the Quad, where dogs and puppies are available for de-stressing petting.

4. Re-Focus your perspective

Writer’s block got you down? Try something new!

polymer clay projects
Polymer clay workshop at the Hive

The Hive has lots of cool workshops such as polymer clay and zine-making. I’ve found that analog, unplugged activities are often the best, as they are less likely to leave you open to distractions.

5. Bored? Mix it up!table set up with meal outside

Whether it’s studying in a new spot, trying a new food combination at the dining hall, or browsing a new section of the library, adding novelty to your daily routine can help maintain motivation. One of my recent favorites was getting food to-go from a dining hall and enjoying it outdoors!

Wishing you all the best of luck with your finals!