Reflections on Life and Death

Marie with her mother at Pomona
By Marie Tano ‘21 Winter break 2017, my first college break, was my first time being home since moving away for college. The only thing that I remember from the break was complaining to my mom about our bare and empty refrigerator, broken heating system, and broken water heater. This winter break, I spent it planning the funerals of both my mother and my grandmother. I ha...
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Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is tomorrow!  A time for giving thanks, right?  I suppose some things I'm thankful for are having an extremely easy week almost without classes and of course being home with the family (I survived the traffic!).  Like many families, mine has some interesting traditions around this time of year.  Some examples: (more…)
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Founder’s Day: Marston Quad Gets a Makeover

As has been well documented already here on the blog, Sunday was the big 125th anniversary Founder’s Day celebration!  Despite the many emails sent out to the student body about the event, I didn’t know exactly what was going to be there for the big shebang.  It was quite delightful, then, on Thursday when all of the sudden a carousel was constructed in the middle of the qu...
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