Developing Professional Skills as a First-Year Student (Part 2)

The Pomona chapter of the Quest Scholars Network! QuestBridge is a national organization that services low income and first generation students.
When I originally planned to write Part 2 of this series (you can find Part 1 here), I wanted to discuss more Career Development Office programs: the Pomona College Internship Program (PCIP) and the Summer Experience Funding Program. However, since I’m still in the application process for some of these programs, I thought it’d be more fitting to share how the experiences and...
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Internships, Interviews, and Interludes – Oh My!

It seems like in order to get ahead in the real world, every college student is expected to have several jobs, some incredibly valuable internship experience, leadership positions in at least 5 different clubs or activities, a Nobel Prize in two of the six categories, over a million followers on Twitter/over a million subscribers on YouTube, and bonus points for a letter of rec...
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District of Humidity (Round Two)

Hello Sagehens! If you're reading this and are a current or recent grad student, congrats; you survived your freshmen/sophomore/junior/senior year! If you're an alum, thank you for hosting me in San Francisco during spring break for Pomona's Alternabreak, single-handedly making college affordable for me, and reading yet another summer intern's blog. Sophomore year is finally...
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