The Writing Center: Pomona’s Peer-Powered Model

Writing Center sign
By Sarah Binau '19 When I was in high school, asking for help with writing meant you were a bad writer. It is (unfortunately) commonplace to be taught that some people are good writers and others are bad writers. But the truth is that everyone starts with a blank page and a wondering mind. When I started college, I thought of myself as a good writer because I’d done well ...
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Writing About Writer’s Block

I wasn’t sure what to write about for this post, so my friend suggested writing about writer’s block.  I guess it’s not very relevant to this post, because once I write something I will have (in theory) gotten over it.  On a related note, however, I am writing the first chapter of my thesis (ack!) and I’ve kind of gotten writer’s block on that as well.  I mean, I have quite a b...
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