6 Truths Non-Californians Should Know About Socal Weather

As someone from Illinois, Socal weather is definitely not what I was expecting it to be. I was under the impression that it'd be sunny every day, and that the weather would be fabulous, but that was a bit off... 1) Everything is sooo brown This is SOMEWHAT related to the weather because of the drought. In August, when I was on the way to my hotel, I remember being disappo...
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5 High-Stress Moments all Awkward Language Learners Know (Oldenborg Lunch)

blog 08 01
When I came to Pomona, I was determined to learn Chinese. First semester was super rough. Whenever it was my turn to read something aloud in class, I was embarrassed and flustered. So imagine how even more embarrassed and flustered I would be in conversations. (Un)luckily for me, language learners must eat at the Oldenborg Dining Hall a certain amount of times each semester, an...
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Finding Family in First-Year Seminar

cryd1 01
If you ask first years who their closest friends are, they might say something like, “Oh, my spogro is tight!” (sponsor group) or “I love everyone in my AAMP/ISMP/Quest/etc. group” or “People from my OA!” I’m sure the last thing they’d ever say is, “My ID1.” For those who don’t know, ID1 is a required writing seminar for all first-years. In Fall 2015, course topics included J.R...
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Reflections on Body Image

blog 07 b
It had been a few weeks since I last shaved my legs when I first came to Pomona in August. I was nervous, excited, and worried if I would be able to handle myself here. I was definitely out of my comfort zone—2,000 miles, to be precise. So, I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t shave my legs for the whole school year. My reasoning was that if I could do that, I could do an...
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5 Weird Bathroom Things I Do at College that I Never Had to Worry About at Home

blog 05 02
Since coming back to campus, I've once again had to get used to communal bathrooms. I no longer have the luxury of having a bathroom all to myself, with a lock and everything, where I can sit on the toilet scrolling through my phone for hours on end. After much reflection, here are the top 5 (only 5?) weird bathroom things I do at college that I never had to worry about at home...
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Physical Education for the Physically Uncoordinated: Ping Pong

My amazing ping pong class with Coach B! :^)
(Disclaimer: I apologize for frequently writing about my physical uncoordination. Speaking of, I got my first bike injury of the semester not that long ago. My knee was scraped pretty badly. Sad face.) I never thought P.E. in college was a thing—it seemed so…juvenile to require students to exercise. Eughh. Like, what? Can’t us physically incapable people ever get a break...
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On Shaking my Tail Feathers and Empowerment

As you know from my first post, I am severely uncoordinated. Despite my tragic condition, I continue to follow my dream: to become a Korean pop star. Now, I can’t exactly speak Korean much less sing it—actually, I can’t sing at all—so I figured that all I can work on for now is the dance moves. Thus, I joined the 5C K-Pop Dance Club. I learned to shake my tail feathers (because...
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Life as an Uncoordinated Bicyclist

me biking01
There are many different ways people use to get from Point A to Point B on campus. Many people use longboards (and look rightfully cool while doing so). I’ve also seen roller blades, a Segway, the handle-less version of a Segway that I don’t know the name of, and these wheels you straight up put on the soles of your shoes that I also don’t know the name of. Most people walk—but...
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