Remember the Sagehens

kyra swimmy
SCIAC To some, this simple acronym may seem rather underwhelming. It may sound vaguely suggestive of some reject allergy medication, or perhaps the newest dieting trend (likely focusing on eating cardboard flavored paste and/or avoiding meat, dairy, sugar, and anything else remotely edible). To me, and I think many others, it means so much more. It means four days o...
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Puerto Rico, ¿Por Favor?

Ah, spring semester. The sudden influx of eager, excited students back on campus, the sweet reunion of briefly separated pals, the even sweeter reunion of students and the dining halls, and the rediscovery of one's appreciation for that glorious Claremont sunshine. Oh, wait, that happened on January 1 for me. Several athletic teams stay on campus for a large part of the holi...
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30 Things I’m Thankful for

Sore feet, bulging stomach, exhaustion after Grandma's thorough interrogation, and a sense of complete and utter satisfaction with life. Must mean it's Thanksgiving! Or at least it was a week ago, during a much-needed Thanksgiving break. After being coerced into running the 10k for our Run to Feed the Hungry, I definitely took advantage of our family potluck this Thanksgiving. ...
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