On a Serious Note: Diversity and an Eye-Opening Experience

I am not my neediness - What I Be Project
Usually I write about fun things, positivity, and innocent, overwhelmingly lighthearted observations of life, but today's post is a little different. I deviate from my typical style today to talk about the culturally and socially diverse environment around me, especially at Pomona. You see, I am very fortunate to have everything that I have and I often do not appreciate it enou...
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Hello Junior Year!

The fact that I just wrote that title is so crazy to me.  JUNIOR!? As in more than halfway through.  As in, officially an upperclassman.  How is that even possible!?  I remember like it was yesterday moving in, signing up for my first college classes and meeting my sponsor group for the first time.  Now I'm two years away from that! At 11:00 AM today, I handed my physics pro...
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Sanskriti 2013

Tonight I went to Sanskriti, a 5C Asian Cultural Show. It was sponsored by Ekta, Claremont Bollywood Dance Team, and the Hindu Society. It was a two hour long show filled with dancing, singing, comedy, colorful costumes, and even some beat boxing. What an awesome opportunity it was to witness such amazing and talented dancers and singers perform in front of a thousand pe...
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