MERGED: Art & Identity


A few weeks ago, a few friends and I submitted an art project entitled MERGED to The Balcony art show. It was my first time participating in an art show at Pomona, and it was a really neat experience. (I might be overblowing my role in the project — mostly I connected the people who thought up and designed the project, helped write the artist statement, then showed up to assemble the project. Artistically, my involvement was pretty minimal.)

The art show’s theme was “Ties: An Exploration of Intergenerational Relationships,” and our piece, a collective submission by the student group MERGE (Mixed Ethnicity and Racial Group Experiences) was conceived as a way to complicate this theme by bringing in themes of race, ethnicity, and mixedness. As a mixed race individual, this was something really exciting for me. Eight different mixed individuals submitted family pictures, had their photos taken, and wrote a short statement. [Read more…]

Guest Post: Sagehens Shut Up and Dance Around Europe!

“Because if you’re going to be a tourist for five weeks, you might as well be as ridiculous as possible.”

Video and concept by Sarah Laws ’16, featuring cameos by: Andrea Green ’17, Angela Han ’16, David Kolin ’16, Edmund Pacleb ’16, Erick Velasquez ’16, Jennifer Schmidt ’14, Reid Mitchell ’16, and Yuki Numata ’16. Reproduced with enthusiastic consent.

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