Let’s Thrive! Why Mental Health is Important

As a college student, there are a lot of things to juggle. Going to class, doing homework, keeping in touch with your family, exercising, checking out cool events, spending time with friends -- it's a lot to handle. On the outside, it may seem like everyone has it together, and we all end up comparing ourselves to our peers. I have certainly felt insecure when observing ...
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Love At First Barrel Vault

image (1)
And the third thing no one tells you when you try to transfer (don't worry, I promise this is the last one): When you find the school that works for you, you'll fall in love, often in the least expected way. I love architecture, particularly the architecture found on college campuses. You can step onto any campus in America, from my hometown's beloved Cal State Fullerton to ...
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U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor and Us

PC Justice Sonia Sotomayor e_016
SETTING: Our Beloved World CHARACTERS: All the people in it SCENE: Pomona College, Claremont, CA Thursday, 3:30 pm. I walked out of my International Relations class, trying to put aside the heaviness sparked by the discussion on the Rwanda genocide and other ethnic conflicts. The first floor of Carnegie Hall — that classy building resembling the White House to some deg...
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To Those Who Wander

Passing Time
Flâner (v.): To stroll, wander, or roam without an end goal in mind. How appropriate it seems that this verb should be one of the first I encounter upon arriving in Paris. Appropriate? No no, that feels too… formal. Serendipitous, there we go. How serendipitous… that one of the first verbs I learned during orientation would come to define countless afternoons, would reveal t...
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Talking about Race at the Claremont Colleges

This past week has been an emotionally exhausting one for the Claremont Colleges community. While Black students and other students of color have been campaigning for institutional support for many months, this week saw culturally appropriative Halloween costumes and an email from a Claremont McKenna College (CMC) dean implying that certain students did not "fit the CMC mold", ...
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On Shaking my Tail Feathers and Empowerment

As you know from my first post, I am severely uncoordinated. Despite my tragic condition, I continue to follow my dream: to become a Korean pop star. Now, I can’t exactly speak Korean much less sing it—actually, I can’t sing at all—so I figured that all I can work on for now is the dance moves. Thus, I joined the 5C K-Pop Dance Club. I learned to shake my tail feathers (because...
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Waiting: On Choosing Colleges

The second thing no one tells you when you try to transfer schools: If waiting for college decisions in high school is painful, waiting for decisions as a transfer student is agony. Those of you considering early decision at Pomona College have already begun waiting. Those considering regular decision will start waiting soon. You will have about a month and a half until the go...
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Student Recitals and Other Adventures

credit to the "Chopin and Liszt" comic by Hark! a Vagrant
The first student recital of the 2015-2016 academic year happened on Wednesday, October 28th. It’s no secret that performance is not particularly my favorite activity and not especially my strong suit (due to stage fright and a propensity for unnecessarily dramatic facial expressions…), so I’m thoroughly pleased to report that not only did I perform in said recital, but also th...
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A First Year’s Time Capsule

Taking on UCSD on our home field at Scripps!
I have officially finished the first half of the semester. My impressions of Pomona are fresh, and I would be lying if I said I felt completely at ease here. Being an international student, living in America is something I’m still not used to. Being at college, my new independence can feel overwhelming at times, and I am not yet sure how I will be able to call Pomona my new ...
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Five Things I Never Thought I’d Miss While Abroad

Monday’s commute was the most typical commute I’ve had yet. Almost got nailed by a motorcycle on the way to the metro (classic Monday). Took the longer, scenic route to class, but the metro was backed up and I ended up late (classic Monday). But when the metro stopped unexpectedly over the Seine, instead of groaning, I snapped this picture. Yep, classic Monday. Paris co...
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