Finding Home in Online Spaces

Lucy & 4 friends on grass with masks
By Lucy Pan ‘24 When the COVID-19 pandemic first started back in March of 2020, I could’ve never imagined that it would completely change the course of my entire first year of college. The abrupt transition from everyday in-person classes to Zoom school was uncomfortable, but I accepted this changing reality as temporary— a short phase from which we would eventually return t...
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Ten Things to Look Forward to Your First Year at Pomona

Ten things to look forward to in your first year at Pomona College (in no particular order): by Jack Buyske '18 1. Fountaining What is fountaining, you ask? At some point during your first year, your sponsor group will gently lower you (read: drop you) into one of the many beautiful fountains around campus. This is traditionally done at midnight on one’s birthday, but if y...
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My 19th Birthday!

It seems as though two of us bloggers share the same birthday! Yesterday, September 5th was my 19th birthday: arguably one of the most unexciting birthdays a young adult celebrates. So naturally, I wasn't expecting much, especially since it was the second day of classes.  At first it seemed like the universe wasn't going to disappoint and was going to give me that boring 19t...
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