Tips About Financial Aid

Pomona Hall
By Kensi Martinez ‘21 Before coming to Pomona, I attended a highly competitive public high school in Los Angeles, where I learned to strive for top grades. Once I started classes at Pomona though, I was surprised to discover that a collaborative learning process—working together on class projects and studying with my classmates—was the norm here. Having gone through the p...
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On Being Part of an Underrepresented Group at Pomona

FLi at 1vy-G, the inter-Ivy, First-Gen Conference
By Daniel Garcia ’21 On campus, I work for Dean Townes, the Associate Dean for Student Mentoring and Leadership, who oversees all of Pomona’s mentoring programs. We have 10 mentoring programs at Pomona that provide a current student mentor to first-year students from similar backgrounds. While the mentor programs are almost entirely student-run and organized, the team under ...
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The Bridge Between College and Home

By Nick Timms '21 My mom told me once (well, more than once) that I had two options: go to college or look for another place to call home. Naturally, I went with the first of the two choices. She knew that, following the clichéd mantra, college was the “key to success.” And I wanted to go myself. No longer having to ask her if I could go out, and being able to figure out all...
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Just a couple of Saturdays ago, Improving Dreams, Equality, Access and Success (IDEAS) at the Claremont Colleges hosted "The Dream Run" -- a 5K on campus to raise funds for undocumented students attending Pomona High School. We ended up being successful, raising more than $2,500, which will hopefully provide other students the ability to attend college with minimal costs. ...
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Life as a Low-Income, First-Generation Student

When I first entered Pomona College I wasn't entirely sure what my identity as a first-generation, low-income student was. Most of the time at my somewhat elite high school, class was never brought up and was something I was always trying to suppress. I often felt ashamed when I couldn't afford the latest fashion trends, or left out when people would talk about the places they ...
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On December 1, 2011, My Entire Life Went for a Spin!

On the first of December, many  high-achieving, low-income students around the nation were notified that they had received the QuestBridge National College Match--a free college and scholarship application process that helps outstanding low-income high school seniors gain admission and full four-year scholarships to the nation's most selective colleges. This year, there wer...
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