PE… in College?!

An aerial view of Strehle Track and the field where my Ultimate Frisbee class took place!
Before college, my experience with Physical Education (PE) classes was limited to synchronized warm-up exercises, running laps around tracks and fields, and the occasional treat of basketball/flag football/fill-in-the-blank ball. When I began perusing Pomona’s course catalog and general education requirements the summer before my first year, I stumbled upon the PE requiremen...
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Questions of Registration

I know what you may be thinking.  Registration issues?  But you’re a senior!  You get top priority!  You don’t have registration issues! Au contraire, mon ami.  True, I am a senior, and true, I did already get to register yesterday.  However, my registration time wasn’t until 4:15, and seeing as I, like many other seniors, am almost done with all my requirements I wanted to ...
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The Hunger Games: Pomona

Once again, I find myself wanting to go to all the events put on by groups at the 5Cs. My original plan for last night was to attend a screening of The Dark Side of Chocolate hosted by the Environmental Analysis (EA) department so that when I tell people I don’t like chocolate, I would have an arsenal of reasons of why chocolate is bad, not just to my taste buds, but for the en...
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